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Golf Plaid Pants – Part of Golfing Tradition

plaid golf pants menThe idea of fashioning golf pants in a plaid design is based on golf’s Scottish heritage. In fact, Scotland is considered the home of golf and contains over 500 golf courses within its boundaries. Many of the English words in golf – tee, links, golf club, golf ball, and caddy – are derived from Scotland too. So, given that plaid tartan kilts are part of Scotland’s clothing history, it stands to reason that plaid would be adopted as a print for men’s golf pants as well.

Pick From a Variety of Plaids

The plaid mens golf pants today, unlike tartan kilts, are fashioned in a variety of plaids and colors. Therefore, depending on your preference, you can pair the plaid prints with a number of polo shirts or sweaters in your golf wardrobe.

Plaid Materials Wick Away Moisture

Mens plaid golf pants are a great fit for any golf course, especially those pants that feature fabrics that wick away moisture in warmer and more humid climates. In fact, pants are designed today that provide both give and comfort. That’s because pants are made of high-performance microfibers that wick perspiration away from the wearer and onto a fabric’s surface where it evaporates. Therefore, you can wear plaid styles without worrying about the effects of heat and humidity.

Look fashionable and stay dry at the same time. Moisture wicking pants are generally manufactured with a blend of polyester and spandex, and feature front and back pockets for stylish practicality. The pants are also easy-care and are machine washable. So, if you’re looking for traditional styling but want to look fashionable and stay dry at the same time, you, no doubt, will want to include several pair of plaid golf pants in your golf wardrobe.

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